Custom Metal Card Digital Business Card – Premium NFC Smart Card NTAG213 [Laser Engraved – One side – White]




NFC Tagify is here to help you take your personal brand and company to the 21st century. We all love a good business card but it’s time to upgrade your game and enter the new world of business with our NFC business cards, the one accessory you need to share your profile with any of your potential partners.

What does that actually mean? Instead of carrying hundreds of paper business cards that eventually get lost or destroyed, you only need one! This exquisite metal customized business card uses NFC to transfer your digital profile into anyone’s smartphone without using any complicated apps. Everything is quick, easy, and failproof.

What makes this product special?

We have taken things to the next level by using a premium metal material with a superb finish that gives you that extra touch of style you need to impress potential partners. You can fully customize the design of the card by sending us the info you want to have engraved. Setting up a digital profile is also easy and quick, not to mention that you can select the type of data you want to share, including social media.

Some features to keep in mind about our product:

  • Size: 85.60 × 53.98 × 0.76 mm;
  • Custom engraved design;
  • Memory: 888 bytes;
  • Square shape;
  • NTAG213 Chip;
  • Engraved finish;
  • Made of durable metal;
  • Exquisite style;
  • Does not require special apps.

Additional information


888 Bytes

Chip Type