COVID Pass Card Standard/ Custom Printed PVC




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Your COVID-19 vaccination certificate always with you!


-What is the digital NHS COVID Pass Card?

The COVID Pass card is the digital vaccination card in credit card format.


-How does the digital NHS COVID Pass Card work?

The COVID Pass card shows the vaccination QR code with the personal details (Name, Date of Birth) and the date of your second/third vaccination.

The back of the immune card shows the same QR code as in the official Covid app app or Corona warning app. It can be read by all official scanning apps.


-What use is the digital NHS COVID Pass Card to me?

Reliably show your vaccination status with the digital NHS COVID Card.

The digital NHS COVID Pass Card lets you into an exciting night out or a long journey, adopted in your mobile phone battery for a long time, not down.

To travel abroad.

At events or venues asking for proof of your COVID-19 status in England, Wales or the Isle of Man.

In Some countries in Europe, you may need this at all places.


-How do I get the digital NHS COVID Pass Card?

For Standard Design you can place you order and send us ONLY your covid ”Qr Code” .

For Custom Design you can send us your full artwork (front & back) ready to print.


-How to get a digital NHS COVID Pass QR Code?

There are 2 ways you can get a digital NHS COVID Pass QR Code.

You can:

  • download and use the NHS App to get your NHS COVID Pass
  • use the online NHS COVID Pass service



The best way to show your immune status