Why Should You Use NFC Tag Business Cards?

Are you tired of carrying a stack of business cards all the time, just in case you meet a new prospect? Perhaps it’s time to switch to NFC tag business cards. You only need one—and it can contain all the information you want to share.

The fantastic benefits of NFC tag business cards

What are NFC business cards? As the name suggests, these tags use near-field communication technology or NFC to communicate with compatible devices.

You’ll notice that NFC is often linked with contactless payments on your smartphones and credit cards. That’s because this technology transfers information in a single tap. It’s also popularly used in gaming consoles, inventory tracking, and public transportation.

NFC business cards essentially work the same way. Tap a compatible device on the card, and you’ll receive the encoded information instantly. As a business owner, this technology can help you:

  • Improve efficiency

Thanks to NFC’s one-tap capability, you’ll never have to waste time again!

For instance, if a meeting ends late, you don’t have to rummage through your wallet for an uncrumpled business card. Instead, just ask your clients to take out their phones, and it’s done!

  • Gain a competitive advantage

Despite their popularity, NFC tag business cards are still relatively rare. So, if they’re not commonly used in your industry, take advantage of being the first one. Using this technology can impress your customers and investors, improving your sales and brand recognition.

  • Explore various applications

Although NFC business cards are designed to be more functional versions of traditional business cards, you can find more unique uses for the tags.

For example, instead of storing your phone number and email on the card, why not provide a link to your website and social media profile? In addition, consider using NFC tags to give out coupons, provide instant Wi-Fi access, and set up contactless payments.

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