Why Digital Business Cards Are the Smart Choice

Digital business cards with NFC technology are a much more reliable alternative to paper business cards. And the best thing is, you can order several copies for an affordable price.

The benefits of digital business cards with NFC

Digital business cards use near-field communication (NFC) technology to store and transfer data. It’s the same technique you see in public transportation, where you can scan a pass card over a machine that automatically charges your wallet.

This makes NFC the perfect technology for business cards, allowing you to send your contact information to your clients with a single tap.

Here are some reasons you should invest in digital business cards with NFC:

  • Unlimited sharing

Are you attending a big event sometime soon? Instead of cramming your wallet with dozens of business cards, why not just bring one? A single NFC business card has unlimited sharing capabilities, transferring your information to a compatible device as many times as you need.

What’s great is that you can print your digital cards on more durable materials than paper, such as wood, metal, or PVC. And as a result, you can place all your trust in one copy without running out of chances to meet new clients.

  • Better business opportunities

Business cards are powerful networking tools, and NFC cards take this capability one step further. You can customise the latter to contain more than just your personal information, adding links to your social media profiles, websites, and portfolio.

This way, you can impress potential clients and partners right from the start.

  • Sustainability

Thousands of people are printing hundreds of business cards each day. Unfortunately, this volume of printing isn’t good for the environment, leading to unsustainable logging practices. Not only that, but about 88% of traditional business cards end up discarded—contributing heavily to waste.

In comparison, digital business cards are more environmentally friendly, eliminating the need to print several copies and effectively minimising waste.

Do you need new digital business cards with NFC? Order your copies from a reliable NFC solutions provider offering various options and services.

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