Why are NFC Cards Gaining Popularity?

Near-field communication or NFC technology has been around for several decades, but it was not until recently that it gained significant popularity, primarily because of NFC cards. But what makes this short-range communication technology so great? 

Why should you start using NFC cards? 

They’re easy to use

You may be wondering why there’s still a need for NFC when there’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, anyway. That’s because NFC offers unique advantages. As passive devices, NFC cards are the ideal replacement for business cards, price tags, labels, and marketing materials. For instance, you can store a digital profile on your NFC business cards, allowing potential clients to scan the tag and save your contact details right on their smartphones. Not only is this more convenient, it also prevents them from accidentally losing your information.  

They’re highly secure

Who knew that something as small as an NFC chip could be so secure? The great thing about NFC cards is that you can have them ‘password locked,’ preventing unauthorised individuals from altering the stored information. Password-locked NFC tags are also great if you plan on leaving them in public places, such as stores and public transportation.  

They’re environmentally friendly       

Printing 100 business cards may not seem much from a personal perspective, but note that thousands (maybe even millions) of other professionals and companies do the same. Paper is already a limited resource as it is, and it’s time to go digital. Switching to NFC cards will let you keep up with the rest of the world while doing your part in saving the environment.  

Looking to customise your own set of NFC cards for your business? Don’t forget to work with a trusted NFC technology provider that offers everything from transparent cards to personalised online profiles! 

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