Tips on How to Use a Digital Business Card with NFC

Are you looking for ways to improve your business with new technology? If you’re not prepared to make big changes, start small with a digital business card with NFC. It’s a handy little tool that brings a lot of benefits.

Maximising the potential of your digital business card with NFC 

There are many creative ways to use your digital NFC card:

  • Add a QR code

NFC business cards are convenient because almost everyone can access them. This is because most smartphones are compatible with NFC, allowing you to send them to clients, customers, and colleagues. 

But, of course, not everyone may own the latest smartphone. In this case, a QR code is the best alternative. You can print it on the back of your business card. 

  • Showcase your products 

Most digital business cards can store up to 144 bytes of data. This may not seem like much, but it’s more than enough to showcase your brand. For example, you can use the available memory to show clients documents and images, social media profiles, or websites. In addition, you can use it to add a WhatsApp hot button for instant chat messaging or even a PayPal payment link.

  • Go minimalist.

Do you have the look of a cluttered business card? Let’s say you want to design a minimalist card with nothing but your name and photo. But you still need to provide clients with your phone number, email address, and other details. Where do you put all that information? The solution is to print a digital card with NFC. Any “bulky” information will be stored on a chip so that only your name and photo or logo are printed on the card. 

Order your digital business cards from a trusted provider now and start growing your business.

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