Reasons Why Custom NFC Business Cards Are Regarded as Underrated

What’s your go-to method of connecting with your clients? If you’re the traditional type, perhaps you keep a few business cards in your wallet just in case. And if you’re a bit more tech-savvy, you opt to exchange phone numbers almost immediately. But what we told that it’s possible to combine these two?

Custom NFC business cards offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to exchange personal information without giving out a crumpled piece of paper. Unfortunately, they’re still quite underrated. Not many people are familiar with near-field communication technology, and with unfamiliarity comes fear and distrust.

For instance, NFC has been unfairly associated with these security concerns:

  • Eavesdropping

It’s technically possible for unauthorised users to “listen” to an NFC transaction and gather private information. However, this only works if they are close enough to the device’s range—which is close to impossible in the real world. Besides, you can protect your data with encryption.

  • Data corruption

Data corruption is a risk with any technology. This happens when an authorised user manipulates the information sent to a reader, rendering the data useless.

  • Data interception

Like data corruption, data interception results when an attacker interrupts the communication between the sender and the receiver. But in this scenario, the unauthorised user may also alter the sent information, which means your data is compromised.

  • Theft

Of course, custom NFC business cards come in a physical form and can be stolen. When this happens, the thief may steal your information using another compatible device.

But does this mean you shouldn’t invest in custom NFC business cards? Despite the security concerns, these contactless smart cards are still worth the risk. You can protect yourself further by purchasing cards from a reliable supplier, preferably those with chips that can be secured with a password.

In addition, NFC business cards are significantly more convenient than their traditional counterparts. You need not fish around your pockets for a spare copy when you meet a potential client.

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