Printed NFC Card and its Benefits

Did you know that aside from tags and stickers, you can also buy printed NFC cards? If you are looking for more professional-looking NFC products that you can use for a variety of purposes, then try printed NFC cards. Most suppliers will let you choose the design or graphics that you want for these cards!

Many users are transforming NFC cards into their personal business cards or company IDs because of the following benefits:


If you want to stop printing out a ton of paper business card that people might throw away anyway, then an NFC business card might be something for you. With just this one business card, you will be able to share your business and personal details with all potential clients and colleagues. No need to keep on spending on reprinting, you can save money and save the environment in your own little way.


The problem with paper business cards and even company IDs is that they need to be reprinted whenever there’s an error or there’s a piece of information that needs updating. This isn’t a big issue with NFC cards as their chips are programmable. You can easily change the written data without having to spend a penny.


In fact, it is because of this programmable feature that printed NFC cards become so versatile. For example, instead of simply adding your name and phone numbers to smartphones, you can share your links to your official website and professional business profile. Some people add payment links, so they can get paid by their customers and clients in an instant.

More room for creativity

Although both paper and NFC cards have the same printing space, the latter is still better in many aspects. NFC business cards give you more room for creativity. You can program your card so that people will be directed to your digital portfolio, video introduction, cases, and more. There’s a ton of possibilities that you can explore to make the best impression.

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