NFC Enabled Business Cards is the New Normal!

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of different digital and contactless technologies. One of them is an NFC-enabled business card. Experts believe that this smart version of a traditional business card is here to stay. Sharing information digitally in just a single tap will be part of the new normal!

Expand your network safely and professionally

More businesses are starting to go back to the offices and people are beginning to meet clients face-to-face again after more than a year of social distancing. Still, the majority of people don’t want to let their guards down. They want to observe social distancing, wear masks, and practice good hygiene to avoid catching the deadly virus. The pandemic hasn’t ended, after all.

NFC-enabled business cards provide the safest way for people to engage and expand their network. They allow people to pass information to smartphones and other NFC-enabled devices. With this card, you won’t need to hand out paper business cards one by one and potentially increase your exposure to viruses.

Create a lasting impression

NFC-enabled business cards are still rather new. The majority of professionals are still using paper business cards when exchanging information or networking, so using this innovative card is sure to make you stand out. Aside from the basic information, you can also include links to your website, social media accounts, case images, and case documents.

Save the environment one card at a time

Paper business cards may be small, but they can have a huge impact on the environment. This is especially true if you keep on reprinting them. NFC-enabled business cards are better for the planet because they never need to be reproduced.

NFC-enabled business cards are designed to be rewritable and reprogrammable. So, if you need to change anything, there’s no need to purchase another one. All you need to do is to change the details using an application or an online platform!

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