NFC Business Cards and Their Benefits

NFC-enabled business cards offer a smart and innovative way to connect with people. They let you expand your network with just a tap, literally. How?

Through near field communication or NFC technology!

NFC business cards explained

NFC-enabled business cards are embedded with small chips that can store digital information and wirelessly send it to other devices that also have NFC functions, such as smartphones. These business cards can be coded with your contact information and anything else you might want to add. Once an NFC-enabled business card comes into contact with another smartphone within a 4cm distance, it automatically transmits information.

There is more to this amazing business card than meets the eye. If you are curious about its benefits, then read on:


Unlike conventional paper business cards, NFC cards are rewritable. You can change the information being sent to the device any time. You can also program your card to do prompt actions such as automatically saving your phone number to someone’s contact list, redirecting people to your personal website, showing payment links, and showing case documents. In other words, you can use this one card to do a variety of business transactions.


When you create a customised paper business card, you need to come up with a captivating design and consider what details to include. That can be challenging because of the size of a typical paper business card. In one way or another, you will need to compromise, maybe remove your website or shorten your address. But you won’t have to deal with these issues when you switch to an NFC-enabled business card. Because information is stored and sent digitally, there’s no need to worry too much about the design. You are also not limited in terms of the quantity of information you want to share.


An NFC-enabled business card is the last card you will ever need. Unlike the conventional business cards, it doesn’t need reprinting. It’s programmable, soif you need to update your information, just edit your digital profile.

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