New Age Business Cards – Custom NFC Business Cards

Giving out business cards has always been the norm when you want to leave your name and contact information to someone, like a potential client or a colleague. However, the practice can be a bit old-school, and there is the risk of them being misplaced or forgotten. In the age of social media and smartphones, you might want to take a different approach to introducing yourself and leave a more memorable impression.

One of the ways to do that is by using custom NFC business cards. It is a good way to connect the physical and digital worlds with just one tap, while providing more convenience to the recipient of your information!

The better business card

NFC business cards are easy to use. If you have ever used a tap-and-go payment service with your smartphone, it works just like that. Hold the business card close to an NFC-enabled smartphone and the card will send your information to that device. Your custom NFC business card can also carry your social media links, portfolio, documents, or photos. This way, you can eliminate the need to dictate or manually type lengthy links to the person who needs them.

How it works

Custom NFC business cards have an NFC chip, which will wirelessly send your information to an NFC-enabled smartphone. By tapping the card on the phone, a link should open up containing your contact information, which can be saved to the phone with ease.

How to get started

Getting custom NFC business cards is easy. Simply find a reliable and reputable provider that lets you choose and customise an NFC digital card and you will be ready to tap, connect, and share! Consider a service that lets you create your profile with them, so it is easier to pick and order your custom NFC cards. They will send the cards to you and they will be ready to use. Consider ordering your cards from a service that can provide a QR code on the back, so you can still cater to recipients with no NFC.

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