Know More about Custom NFC Business Cards

Everything seems to be possible in this era of contactless technology. It’s not surprising to see that there are now business cards that link to your digital profile via a microchip. They are called custom NFC business cards.

Powered by Near Field Communication or NFC technology, these business cards are changing the way professionals connect with their prospective clients and expand their network. Here’s how custom NFC business cards work.

The business card has an NFC chip inside where your information is stored. It communicates wirelessly with other NFC-enabled devices. The card automatically sends the information to any device within a short distance (4cm or less).

When you tap your custom NFC business card to a smartphone, it will share your stored digital information. What can you save on the chip? You can save your basic information like your name, photo, contact details, and profession. You can also add your professional website, social media accounts, as well as case images or documents.

How can you write and customise your NFC business card?

You need to use an NFC writing tool. Alternatively, you can ask the shop where you buy your card if they have a free online platform. Through an NFC app/platform, you can write all the information that you want to share. You can also create a prompt or command. This is the same app to use whenever you need to change some details.

Better than other digital business cards

There have been many attempts in the past at modernising business cards, but most of them have failed. One example is a QR code printed on cards. The idea did not succeed because the process is neither quick nor easy. People needed to scan the code to access the digital profile. What if their phones can’t scan QR?

Custom NFC business cards are better because most modern smartphones and devices are NFC-enabled. The process is also straightforward. Sharing information can be completed within a second with just a single tap!

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