How to Create a Secure NFC Environment on Your Device?

NFC business cards in the UK is steadily growing in popularity thanks to their advanced capabilities. Near-field technology allows communication between two compatible devices, wirelessly transferring small bits of data. But the question is this: Are contactless smart cards reliable and secure?

Creating a secure NFC environment on your contactless smart cards and contactless business cards

NFC business cards in the UK may not be as fast as Wi-Fi or as efficient as Bluetooth; however, they do have their perks. For example, you can add layers of security on the tags, preventing unauthorised use.

Here are some ways to secure your NFC devices:

Use password protection

Using a password is the most common way to secure your data, regardless of the technology. Everything from your social media accounts to your smartphone is locked by a password, which can also be done with NFC tags.

Most NXP NTAG21X series chips will require a 32-bit password to read or write data, allowing authorised users to update their contents securely. In addition, this protection method prevents hacking attempts by blocking entry after an incorrect password has been input several times.

Implement locking and blocking

A simple yet effective way to protect the contents of your contactless smart cards is through locking. This protection method prevents data writing with one-time programmable (OTP) lock bits; however, it is a permanent feature and is impossible to change.

If you only want to secure certain parts of a tag, blocking is the most effective method. It works similar to locking, but it still allows some sections to be writable.

Consider mutual authentication

Finally, mutual authentication and access control are efficient methods to secure your contactless business card’s NFC environment. However, these are more advanced capabilities found only on tags like the MIFARE DESFire and FeliCa. Mutual authentication uses random number generators and cryptographic algorithms to communicate with NFC readers without transmitting the shared secret key.

Design your contactless NFC business cards in the UK now and take advantage of their secure password protection capabilities to keep your data safe!

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