Get Your Own Custom NFC Business card

Custom NFC business cards are the next-generation business cards that have been making noise recently. More and more people are using these smart and innovative cards to make connections and expand their networks because these allow them to swap information conveniently. How convenient, you ask? It’s as quick as a single tap or wave! 

By just tapping or waving a custom NFC business card to an NFC-enabled device, you can instantly share your personal details and be added to someone’s contacts. 

Should you get your own custom NFC business card? There’s no harm in jumping on the bandwagon, especially when it comes to such useful technology as NFC. It will no doubt bring a lot of benefits to your professional life!

So, how can you customise a NFC card? 

Create your digital profile 

Providers of NFC cards often have their own platforms where you can create a digital profile, containing all the important information about you. That means you can add your name, contact number, and profile picture. 

Share the link to your personal website

Depending on the card’s memory capacity, you can add more information to share with people you connect with. One is your personal or business website. By doing these, you can help people find your business or social media accounts. You can also direct them to your digital portfolio. 

Add payment link 

The best thing about custom NFC business cards is that they accept any links, including payment links like PayPal. So, if you are someone who does business on the go, adding a payment link to your business card will be a good idea. This way, you won’t need to dictate your account or information and risk your security when getting payments from clients.  

Print your information and photo

Your custom NFC business card can still look like conventional business cards that feature your personal information. You can still include your name, contact numbers, e-mail address, photos, company logo, and QR code.  

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