Future of NFC Business Cards

Equipped with modern technology, the newest breed of NFC-enabled business cards is now ready to deliver your contact information to smartphones with just a tap. They offer a quick and effective way to connect in a world that’s increasingly becoming fast paced, cashless, and contactless! 

How do NFC-enabled business cards work?

Every card comes with a chip that stores information. Any information in there will be delivered to the nearby reader or NFC-enabled device within a distance of 4cm or 1 ½ inch. In a typical scenario, the user simply has to wave the NFC-enabled business card to the recipient’s smartphone. Depending on the programmed action, the phone may automatically add the user’s details to its contacts or be directed to a website. 

NFC is said to be the future of business cards. It is smart, innovative, and secure. Indeed, the future is here, being enjoyed by the general consumers worldwide. Thanks to the convenience they bring, the NFC cards’ market consistently grows. And its upward trajectory is expected to continue in the coming years!

What is the future of NFC-enabled business cards? 

According to market analysis, these contactless business cards are here to stay. In fact, reports predict that the global NFC business card market size will reach USD million by 2026. 

In the post-pandemic world, these business cards are still going to be useful not only for networking but also for the following purposes:  

Showing portfolios

Apart from contact details, you can also share your websites, social media pages, and other kinds of sites. Meeting potential clients? You can use your NFC business card to share the link to your portfolio or sample works! 

E-wallet payments 

The pandemic has caused a dramatic increase in e-wallet payments. People feel safer paying for goods digitally instead of handing out cash. But what if it’s the other way around? What if you are the one to receive payment from your client? You can simply use your NFC card for this. Just write your e-wallet payment link so that people can easily send money directly to your account.  

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