Everything You Must Know About NFC Business Cards in the UK

Whoever said that Near Field Communication is the future is definitely right. The popularity of this technology has led to the development of various NFC products. The rise of NFC is evident in the business world. Restaurants are utilizing NFC smart tags to share menus. Retail stores are using them to offer a more convenient shopping experience and enabling NFC mobile payments.

Another NFC product that has been gaining attention is the NFC business card especially in the UK. The following points will explain how it works and all its benefits.

NFC-powered business card

This type of business card comes with an NFC tag inside that you can program to perform a specific task. The tag sends information or tells the reader what to do once the two come into contact. You can program the tag to share your contact information or card to a smartphone device or direct people to your personal website and social media accounts.

Tap and go feature

Handing out a business card one by one can be inconvenient. But with just one NFC business card, you can just tap and go. You will be able to share your personal details such as your telephone number, email, address, and even online payment links. One of the best features of NFC business card in the UK is that it is wireless. It allows you to share information without the risk of potential partners losing your business card.

Cost-effective reusable business card

An NFC business card is reusable and reprogrammable. It can serve you for years. Simply update the information and add new prompt actions.

More than a business card

NFC business card can achieve so much more than just sharing your personal information. Some providers also give you access to their online business tools that you can use to track website traffic and performance of your marketing campaigns.

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