Ease of Printed NFC Cards

Smartphones have been proven helpful in our daily lives. Some options, particularly those with wireless technologies like Near Field Communication (NFC) have proven themselves practical in enabling contactless and safe payments. With printed NFC cards, the technology can go further.

Embedding those custom programmable NFC cards into business cards, promotional materials, and labels are just few examples of their uses, which can be considered by companies to effectively engage their customers with real-time and targeted information. They are programmable, so that they can activate only when scanned or tapped when the device is a maximum of two inches away.

Unlike Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, NFC is more battery-friendly as it requires only a small amount of power to activate. Moreover, the radio signal it uses is passive, which means that you can retrieve information only when necessary. This allows users with maximum control over the information they want to receive.

Applications and advantages of custom NFC cards

Versatility and ease of use makes printed NFC cards an excellent choice for better customer experiences. Users with NFC-enabled wearables and smartphones can simply tap their device on an NFC tag to acquire the information. The cards are customisable, and each is unique without duplicates. This way, it will be easier for a business to customise, identify, and provide specific information on an individualised level, meaning that dynamic content specific to current events, weather, time of day, location, and other factors could be delivered. The information can then be utilised to engage someone in different ways, like websites, voice calls, text messages, open documents, and videos.

Printed NFC cards can also be used to let users access instructional material, coupons, loyalty programs, product authentication, surveys, and others. With this in mind, NFC cards can also be utilised as your own personal smart business card that can easily send your contact details, photos, social media links, documents, and other information to recipients. That beats bringing a stack of business cards with you wherever you go!

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