Custom Printed NFC Cards Will Take Your Business To Greater Heights

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an excellent technology that helps us today to make touch-less payments or giving attendance in an office. It is a brilliant innovation that helps us providing information to another device without even entering accurate information. The same technology is now being used to design and manufacture customised NFC business cards. Business cards with this technology are something you can use to impress your clients and customers perfectly.

What are customised NFC enabled business cards?

These days, you can design and prepare any promotional material focusing on the features of your business. NFC enabled business cards are one of the best elements you can add to your business image. Customised design is prepared by experienced card designers that match the salient features of your brand’s logo and business genre. A small microchip is inserted within the two sides of the card. This microchip can emit radio waves containing specific information you want to convey to the receiver.

Custom printed NFC cards can deliver a 137 byte-sized message to the receiver’s smartphone or any NFC-enabled device. This message can be decoded and shown on the screen of the device. It can contain your email ID, website address, business information, etc. The user will be able to message, mail, or visit your website directly. In fact, he will land up on the website page where you want him to. It can also be used as a promotional tool for a new business or product launches.

Benefits of using customised NFC business cards

  • Business-specific design

 Business-specific business cards can be used to establish a brand in a new market. These cards can be used to create an impression on a client/customer perfectly.

  • Easy transfer of professional information

Forget the hassles of typing an email ID or a website URL when the card will do it for you. The direct link created by the card can be used to message, call, email, or visit a webpage.


Custom printed NFC cards are the best methods to convey messages to the receiver in a tech-savvy way. Your first impression will be a brilliant one, for sure.

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