Custom NFC Business Cards – The New Generation of Business Cards

Today, more businesses and private individuals are taking advantage of NFC technology, particularly custom NFC business cards. Do you need one, too? How do you create and use this type of business card?

And how will it possibly make your life easier? All these will be answered in this blog.

Create a digital business card

Custom NFC cards are great replacements to the conventional paper business cards because they can make the exchange of personal information fast and more secure. How? Just tap your custom NFC business card to a person’s NFC enabled mobile device, and that person will be able to see your digital profile, including your website and social media accounts, in no time. In just a single tap, people can immediately view your profile and even save your contact details.

Increase your chances of making a connection

There is no doubt that business cards are instrumental in expanding your network. They can help you stay connected with potential business partners and clients. The problem with the paper business cards is that they are easy to be misplaced. This is not the case with custom printed NFC cards. You can program the custom NFC business card so that it will prompt the NFC-enabled phone to automatically add you as a contact. This makes transferring of data seamless because people won’t have to manually enter your contact details. Also, this assures you that your contact information will be saved and not lost.

Make a first great impression

Squeezing all essential information on a wallet-sized paper card is difficult even if you plan to print on both sides. There’s just so many details that you want to share to make a lasting impression. What’s impossible with the old business card is made possible with NFC business cards. Print your name and contact number on the NFC card and leave the other details. Then just program the card so that it redirects people to your professional profile, documents, and even messaging platform profile like WhatsApp.

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