Custom NFC Business Card and its Features

If you are tired of redesigning and reprinting paper business cards that are people keep on throwing away, maybe it’s time to consider creating a custom NFC business card. Powered by NFC technology, this smart business card will certainly change the way you connect. Used correctly, you will surely expand your professional network!

But first, what is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s similar to RFID and Bluetooth. However, it can transfer data to another NFC-enabled device within a 4-centimetre radius. This makes data transfer faster and more secure.

The following are some of the best features ofcustom NFC business cards that you should know:

One-tap convenience

The purpose of handing your business card to a potential client is not only to give your contact details but for you to be remembered. But how can that happen if your paper business card gets misplaced? With acustom NFC business card, you can ensure that your business details won’t be forgotten. With just a tap, the recipient will be prompted with a one-click “Add to contacts” button. This allows them to add you to their contact list. They won’t have to manually save your numbers and type your name and details on their smartphones!

Share information digitally

The main problem with paper business cards is that the printing space isn’t big enough to contain all the information you want to share to make an impressive introduction. This isn’t a problem with NFC business card. Even if you can’t print everything you want on the card, you can still share your other information. Aside from adding you to their contacts, people can also gain access to your professional profiles, social media accounts, personal website, and even sample works or portfolios.

Reusable and reprogrammable

This is another huge benefit of NFC business card. Since you are sharing information digitally or electronically, there won’t be a need to keep on reprinting NFC cards. Need to change or update the information? Not a problem. Just change the written data or reprogram the card.

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