Contactless Transactions and Its Benefits

The technology behind contactless smart cards and business cards is called Near Field Communication or simply NFC. It is the upgraded and honed version of RFID. It’s also similar to Bluetooth, except that with this technology, there’s no need to pair devices.

How does it work?

NFC chips are embedded in contactless business cards and smart cards. When they come in contact with NFC-enabled devices, like the latest smartphones, they automatically do what they are programmed to do.

Let’s say that you are using an NFC contactless business card and you tap it on a new acquaintance’s phone. The chip instantly redirects to your digital profile or automatically adds your contact details to the phone, depending on how you programmed it. Unlike RFID that is capable of transmitting data beyond a few meters, NFC can only transmit within 4 inches, though.

Why people use these contact less cards?

There are many great reasons to have a contactless smart card, business card, access card, or identification card. Here are few of them:

It’s fast and convenient

The number one benefit of NFC cards is that it makes transactions fast. In just a tap, you will be able to share your information, gain access, prove your identity, and do other tasks that otherwise take few more seconds or a minute to complete.

Share important details securely

The reason why NFC only works within a short distance is to ensure security. It is also less prone to interference in transmission. Unlike Bluetooth, it is less vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Reusable and reprogrammable

This is another huge benefit of NFC cards. You can use them multiple times for other purposes. Change or update the information that you are sharing through your NFC business cards. Want to change the design of your NFC business card? Don’t throw it away. Just reprogram the card so that it can do other functions such as set alarms, share Wi-Fi to visitors, or unlock your door!

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