Business Cards of the New Generation

The new generation certainly connects and expands their professional network differently. Instead of using traditional calling cards, they now use custom NFC business cards, and maybe you should, too!

NFC technology is not new. You’ve probably seen blogs mentioning about contact-less payments. Business cards that are powered by NFC chips have been around for many years,, but it’s only recently that more people have started to discover them and realise their many benefits. So, what’s with this innovative business cards that they are creating hype?


Share your information in just a tap

NFC cards come with chips that can transfer data. When they interact with NFC-enabled devices, they instantly send data within a second. NFC technology is everywhere these days, including everyone’s smartphone, so when you have an NFC card, it’s possible to share your information to a prospective client or partner in just a tap. There’s no need to hand out paper business cards anymore.

Automatically save details to their devices

It’s easier than ever to save your contact information to other people’s phones. You can program the chip so that you are automatically added to their contact list. Depending on the memory capacity of your NFC, you may be able to upload all your contact details on it!

Let people know more about who you are

The struggle of squeezing essential information to a wallet-sized paper card is real. Even if you use both sides, there’s still no ample space for all the personal details that you want to share to appear impressive. This is not a problem with custom NFC business cards. You can print on the card your name, photo, and contact details and then upload the remaining details on the chip. You can write the links of your professional website, LinkedIn profile, social media accounts, and even messaging platform profile.

The only card you will need

NFC cards are also re-programmable. You can change all the information uploaded and update it real time. Indeed, this might be the last business card you will ever need!

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