Benefits of NFC Tags Business Card

Business cards are going high tech. That’s right. Among the newest trends these days are NFC tag business cards. What exactly is NFC tag and why you should use it for your personal business card?

Understanding NFC (Near Field Communication)

NFC tags business cards come with NFC tags that can wirelessly send information to NFC readers or smartphones with NFC functions. The tags are programmable to do something when they come into close contact with the reader. In a way, NFC works like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The only differences are that it functions at low speeds and within a shorter radius.

So, why are NFC tags attached to business cards? Because it makes everything easier and more convenient. Here are just some of the many benefits of NFC tag business cards:

You can provide more information about yourself

Conventional business cards limit the amount of information that you can share with your potential clients. You can only put all the basic details about you such as your name and contact numbers because if you squeeze in too much information, the design will be compromised. This won’t be a problem with NFC business cards. You can program the NFC tag to redirect people to your personal website or profile where they can access more information about your business or professional background.

A quick way to add yourself to their contact list

With an NFC tag business card, people won’t have to manually enter your contact details in their phones. With just a tap, they can automatically add you to their contact list.

Carry just one business card

Your NFC tag business card may be the last one you will ever need. With it, you no longer have to hand business cards one by one. Just tap it on the recipient’s phone and put it back to your pocket.

Do more with your business card

The tags are reprogrammable. Simply update the details so you can use it to show different data or prompt different actions. Some people use their business cards to direct people to their online stores, payment links, and messaging apps.

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