A Guide to Digital NFC Business Cards

Are you making the switch to digital business cards with NFC? This could be a life-changing move for your brand, giving you a wider reach and better connectivity. But if you’re not familiar with NFC technology, what are some things you must know?

How digital business cards with NFC work

NFC stands for near-field communication technology. It works similarly to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, transmitting data wirelessly to compatible devices.

But as its name suggests, NFC can only send and receive data over extremely short distances. Think about the payment cards you use at the railway station. They are embedded with NFC chips, and the only way to pay is to tap the card on a receiver.

Moreover, one difference between NFC and Bluetooth is their energy consumption. The former is significantly more energy-efficient, with a low power draw that barely affects your device’s battery.

NFC technology is not a brand-new technology, and it’s used widely across many recognisable companies, including Nintendo, Apple, and Samsung.

Making the most of your digital business card with NFC

NFC is a top choice for many businesses because of its accessibility and ease of use. Not only that, but it has numerous applications, from implementing contactless payments to creating promotional materials.

Digital business cards with NFC are also growing in popularity, and you can take advantage of their functionality by adding the following information to your digital profile:

  • Personal profile and background pictures
  • Full name and nickname
  • Contact details, including your phone number, email address, business address, and website
  • Case images and documents
  • Social media links
  • PayPal payment link and WhatsApp hot button

You can also choose digital business cards according to their appearance. For example, top NFC solutions providers offer NFC-enabled cards made with PVC, metal, and even various woods.

Want to order NFC business cards? You must find an experienced provider with a wide range of NFC solutions to suit your needs!

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