5 Different Ways NFC Business Card Can Help You With

A business card is used to convey professional information to a receiver. It is generally used as a token of a meeting that helps the receiver remember whom to contact when a particular need arises. These days, a business card has evolved with the insertion of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC business cards look similar to conventional business cards but differ in transferring information to the receiver.

5 ways you can use an NFC business card

Now that you have figured what an NFC business card is, let us find out what it can do for your business.

  1. Sending professional information

NFC business cards can send specific information you want to the receiver. Your client will use this card to tap on his smartphone to find out details about your professional profile. It will directly send links to your website, email address, and show your portfolio. You can totally control the amount of information you want to convey.

  1. Sending social medial profile links

 An NFC business card can be used to send social media profile links you want leads to connect to. Suppose your business is reaching out to the local audience. In that case, you can use this technology to send social media information to the audience and make it easier for them to connect.

  1. Direct link to download an app

Custom NFC business cards can be used as a branding element. The business can be portrayed in a brilliant way if you use such a simple yet elegant technology to impress customers. By tapping the card on a smartphone, the receiver can directly go to the app store page showcasing your business app.

  1. One tap call/email/text message

A simple tap on the phone can help you call/text/email the respective person. Your card reduces the pain to remember a phone number or a professional email ID.

  1. Information related to sale, offers, discounts, new product launches, deals, etc

One tap of the card will show the latest information related to products you want to showcase to your customers.

Final words

Customised NFC business cards can be used in various other innovative ways. Adding this element to your business promotion will be ideal.

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